How To Prevent Your Child From Biting Their Nails

Not biting your nails can be more complicated than you might think for two reasons. First, when habits get into the body, it is often difficult to change them. Second, nail biting can be a way to express emotions .

Of course, not all hope is gone. You can always find a strategy to keep your child from biting and swallowing their fingernails. Let’s continue reading.

Why a child bites his fingernails

Nail chewing obsessive compulsion or the habit of biting nails usually occurs at the age of 3-6.

The habit of biting your nails is called nail chewing obsession. It mainly affects children aged 3 years and older , and is more common during puberty and adolescence. Usually, you quit these bad habits on your own without having to intervene in the situation, but what if the problem does not go away and becomes harmful?

This article provides some practical suggestions, but first we need to find out why some children bite their fingernails . There may be some sort of mental predisposition or cause that makes it a habit.

Causes of compulsive nail chewing in childhood

When we talk about nail chewing obsessive-compulsive, we don’t refer to a specific action, but rather a recurring situation over time . In other words, this is a situation where the child frequently bites his fingernails. This is an obsessive act that you often do without your knowledge.

The main causes of this problem are as follows.

  • stress
  • unrest
  • boredom
  • Emotionally unstable situations for the child, such as the death of a loved one, the birth of a younger brother, or family problems

Imitation behavior may be a possible cause. You can repeat the habit without seeing one or both parents biting your nails and not realizing it. Therefore, above all, it is very important that parents do not bite their nails.

Explain why you shouldn’t bite your nails

Talk to your child and explain the dangers of these bad habits.

Although I’m always telling my child to stop biting their nails, it’s a good idea to take it a step further. Describe the consequences of bad habits by tailoring the information to your child’s age and level of understanding .

Become a child’s’alarm device’

Talk to your child and tell them that every time you see them biting your fingernails from that moment on, they will remind you that you need to stop the habit. You can even set a password that turns situations into mischievous moments !

Buy toys to play while biting your fingernails to avoid biting them.

It can also be a good idea to give your child a bite-to-play toy to relieve anxiety and tension. There are many products on the market, and there are even toys specifically designed to keep you from biting your nails.

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